Rebranding a global medical company

How a new brand identity emerged through careful research and skillful design.

Designer making notes on rebranding a Medical Equipment Specialist

The challenge

Kevork are giants in the Medical Equipment industry. Based in Mexico, their brand reach is global but they felt their dated identity was holding them back. The brief was to reposition them in the market by crafting an innovative new branding system that better represents their values and promotes their continual growth. 

The solution

A full rebrand: This took us and them on a journey back to the roots of the company. Through extensive research, analysis and a series of really interesting meetings, we rediscovered the core values of Kevork and set to work on an identity that reflected them perfectly.  

Club Branding Kevork 01 Csgridfull Small

Following our branding process, we discovered what defines them, got to know the brand, the core values, the people that make it tick, the competitors, the aims, and everything in between. We then created an in-depth Brand Strategy Document. This collected our findings and helped to lead the creative phase. We first focussed on their USPs.

1. Providing guidance and education: from a highly skilled engineering background.

2. Offering only high quality products: with a marketing advantage of trust and quality.

3. Both ethical and innovative: using scientific information to demonstrate product benefits.

Club Branding Kevork 02 Csgridfull Small
Club Branding Kevork 03 Csgridfull Small

Letting the findings lead the creative stage, it became clear that blue would be the most suitable colour. It has the obvious medical connotations but also is calming and trusted. We also carefully selected and adapted the typeface to reflect the brand values; rounding the edges to make it more approachable, using italics to suggest a forward motion, and unifying the angles to give the impression of precision.

The unique K naturally became the icon. It is instantly recognisable and bold enough to be noticed, even at small sizes. We made sure to feature the brand blue wherever possible too, which helped to carry the idea through to every brand touch-point.

Club Branding Kevork 04 Csgridfull Small

Taking inspiration from the shapes made within the wordmark, we echoed the angled line on all company stationery. 

Print design Kevork business card layout - Small
Print design  Kevork stationery set letterhead and compliment slip design - Small

Kevork also have a wide range of company collateral; from uniforms to ID cards. We made sure the brand identity could adapt through all use cases and mentioned how to properly use the new brand assets in the all important Brand Guideline document. 

Club Branding Kevork 05 Csgridfull Small
Print design Kevork security ID card layout design - Small
Print design Kevork security ID card layout design and card reader - Small
Branding Kevork main logo or brand identity design - Small

Keeping consistency through the brand and the way it's presented is key. Once the designs had been researched, explored and artworked, it was time to show the team how to use them in a way that continued the story. This included everything from positioning, layouts, sizing and typography:

Branding Kevork typography rules from the brand guideline document - Small

Throughout the process we had to consider how the branding would work across all of the departments within Kevork. The team needed a way to both unite them but also to differentiate the sections of the business. We developed a colour-coding system, which featured the wordmark with the department name underneath. This linked all departments together without diluting the overall feel of the brand. 

Branding Kevork wordmark logo with the department name and colour - Small
Branding Kevork department icon design using new brand colour palette - Small

The Brand Guidelines also cover how to use the colours, positions and layouts in ways that suit each department but tie them in with the main Kevork brand. The overall effect is one of clarity, confidence and progression and has helped to focus the team and re-establish Kevork as a true leader in the medical field.

Branding Kevork new logo with the brand blue - Small
Branding Kevork stationery layout brand guidelines - Small
Branding Kevork department colours - Small

The Club branding process has taken us on a journey. They helped us to rediscover the values at the heart of the business and have crafted an identity that represents them perfectly.

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