Design and build of a 'vegy' clever CRM

How our CRM helps pick and deliver farm-fresh produce to your door.

Bespoke Web Design and Development

The team at Groobarb's Wild Farm plant, grow, pick and pack boxes of fruit and veg goodness and deliver them to your door. Their passion for the farm and the care they take over their produce is wonderful. That, mixed with our passion for web made for a brilliant project.

The challenge

Groobarb's came to us with a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was the entire workings of their fast-growing business in a series of complicated sheets, columns and endless rows of notes. It had grown into a beast too big for one spreadsheet to handle, to complex for staff to understand, and prevented them from growing to meet demand.

The solution

They were in huge need of a Customer Relationship Management system (or CRM). 

Over months of planning, sketching, designing, testing and developing, we built a completely bespoke CRM; a hub with all of the tools they need to organise, manage and grow the business.

CRM Design Groobarbs Login Screen
Login screen.
CRM Design Groobarbs Item Count List Screen
Example item list.
CRM Design Groobarbs All Order Runs Screen
Order run list.
CRM Design Groobarbs Order Run Screen
Order run details.

The bespoke CRM featured personalised logins, item and product counts so they knew exactly what they needed to pick and pack, a dashboard showing the next order run and predicted totals, live payment processing, customer likes and dislikes meaning they were able to personalise the boxes, and so much more. 

CRM Design Groobarbs Invoice Screen
Invoicing System with email and download functions.
CRM Design Groobarbs Payment Processing Screen
live payment processing with payment gateway integrations.
CRM Design for Groobarbs – Customer List

It was really important to us to build the CRM in a way that could evolve with the business. The hours and hours of planning has resulted in a flexible system, which allows for additions as/when the team need them - avoiding the restrictions of an off-the-shelf solution. The CRM allows them time to focus on the produce and keeping their ever-growing customer list happy.

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3719 Csgridhalf Small
3716A Csgridhalf Small
3716 Csgridhalf Small

Club took the time to really understand our business and exactly what we needed to achieve. The CRM they have created for us is better than we could have hoped for, and our relationship with them continues, thanks to their fantastic service and ability to deliver exactly what we need first time.

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