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Your website does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing your brand; nearly all of your marketing efforts will direct people there, which makes an effective website a key asset for any growing brand.

But what makes a website effective?

In the world of websites, looks don’t get you very far. What makes a website properly effective is what you say and how easy it is for a visitor to take action - this means that each page and element needs to be carefully written, planned and designed with your goals and target market in mind.

An engaging website always starts with discovering what needs to be done and why, followed by what needs to be communicated, before the structure and design of each page is explored and is built.

Our Process

What to expect

Using our proven process, we work with you to plan, write, design and build a bespoke marketing website that not only looks great but that gets results.

Discovery & Strategy

Based on your brand’s purpose, we define what the website needs to achieve. We research, explore, dig and dissect until a clear solution is found - then we scope out the plan for implementing it so you have clarity and full confidence.


Being led by what needs to be said, we let the content guide the page structures so every section of each page is engaging and intentional. This phase defines what needs to be communicated to visitors without the distraction of how it should look.

UX/UI Design

This phase defines how the website looks and feels to explore. We make sure everything is intuitive and styled to echo your brand’s persona and identity so the website is enjoyable to use and is instantly familiar to your audience.


The build phase - this is where it all comes together. Using the latest technologies, your website is skillfully built and tested to work seamlessly across devices. Within a private testing area, you can see progress and explore before launch.

Support & Maintenance

With careful monitoring, we help make sure your website stays healthy. All findings and recommendations are collected into an easy-to-read report so you’re always in the loop and your website works as it should for years to come.

Club work in such a way that they quickly become an intrinsic & valued part of the team. Giving advice, opinions & support whilst ensuring the smooth running of the project.

Jo Whiteley, IF Agency
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