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Why Craft CMS

Craft CMS is content management at its finest

Craft CMS allows us to build a content management experience that perfectly aligns with your content strategy. It provides a really solid and secure foundation for your website that, with the right planning, can be set up in a way that's truly intuitive to use.

Custom Fields

Every field within your admin area can be tailored to your content's needs. There are 19 built-in field types and more available through third-party plugins.

Section Types

Craft's Single, Channel and Structure section types allow your content to be managed differently depending on its use case.


Craft makes linking related content a breeze—create relationships between entries, categories, tags, assets, users.

Categories & Tags

Got lots of content? No problem! Craft's built-in category and tags support are there to help you keep your content organised and accessible.


Multi-Site allows you to manage the content for multiple related websites from a single Craft installation.


Need to deliver content in multiple languages or to different territories? With Craft, you can localise your site content—from URLs to field values.

We very much believe that our new website will enable us to achieve our business goals. The transition from the old site to the new was smoother than we could ever have hoped for.

Simon Curran, UKDP Solutions
Who's using Craft CMS?

You're in good company

Craft's flexibility has made it the CMS of choice for leading global brands, spanning a range of industries from Consumer Products and Education to News and Non-profits.

Technologies & Integrations

Craft CMS pairs with the latest services & technologies

Craft's flexibility isn't limited to its first-party features. It also has a vibrant plugin ecosystem that allows it to integrate with a variety of third-party tools and services.

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