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Ensure your Craft CMS website is working for your business

We're expert Craft CMS developers, on hand to provide regular and proactive support & maintenance for your Craft CMS website.

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What's involved?

A website project never truly ends—we can design, build and launch your site, but it doesn’t stop there. Your website needs to be actively monitored and maintained to make sure any problems are diagnosed and fixed quickly—avoiding bigger, less manageable problems down the line.

We provide tailored support & maintenance services to ensure that your website stays online, healthy and performant.

Support & Maintenance Services

Active monitoring and support for your most important marketing asset

Craft CMS & Plugin Updates

Get the latest features and improvements that enhance your experience when managing your content within Craft.

Server Software Updates

We'll apply regular updates to your server software to ensure your server stays secure and performant.

Uptime Monitoring

Active monitoring of the uptime of your website. If downtime is particularly damaging to your business, we can immediately respond and get your site back online.

Performance Monitoring

Active monitoring of the performance of your website to make sure that it isn't negatively impacting visitor experience and your search rankings.

Error & Exception Monitoring

Active monitoring of any errors or code exceptions that occur on your website to ensure that they're remedied quickly.

Backups & Integrity Tests

Scheduled backups of your site files and database, giving you the extra peace of mind that your website can be restored in an emergency.

Code Audits

We keep up with web development best practices so we can proactively improve your website's code and ensure it's as healthy as possible.

Pre-booked Hours

Guaranteed studio time each month for both maintenance tasks and the implementation of new ideas that move your website forward.

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Development Consultancy

On-going support as you grow your digital presence

Want external perspective and input on your next steps? We're here to help guide you through implementing your digital strategy and fulfilling your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide support for websites built by other agencies?

Of course! We've inherited and continue to maintain many websites originally built by other developers.

How long do your Support & Maintenance agreements last?

As long as you need. Once we've completed an audit of your site we'll be able to provide recommendations on the level of support that you'll need.

Generally speaking, a 12-month contract with a yearly review works well for most brands we work with.

How often should my Craft CMS website be updated?

We recommend updating Craft CMS and any associated plugins at least once per month. We'll notify you of any critical updates and ensure they're installed as quickly as possible.

How will I know what's being done?

You'll have access to an online portal where you can track the updates that are scheduled for your website within a given maintenance period.

We also send you a report that tracks your website uptime and performance, lists any updates applied and includes our recommended next steps.

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