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Why purpose matters

Have you ever wondered why your team are uninspired? Why your marketing is ineffective? Why your potential customers don't buy from you? Why your efforts always seem to fall flat?

These questions are a common symptom of a business that lacks purpose.

Clarity of purpose gives your team and your audience something to rally behind – a clear mission that inspires action. It's the common thread that aligns your goals, strategy, marketing and brand touchpoints.

Club Studio’s process enabled us to see exactly why we do what we do and also to have a more focused direction for the future. We can now make decisions from a much stronger position.

Alex Tofalos, CBD One
Without purpose —

We lease cars.

  • Uninspiring
  • Generic
  • Easily copied
With purpose —

We help people to afford their dream car so they can enjoy their journey, no matter their destination.

  • Ownable
  • Inspiring
  • Unique
  • Speaks to an audience

Your business with purpose

Armed with clarity of purpose, you and your team will have a core statement that you can build your brand around.

Your team will be champions of your cause, inspiring an audience of advocates and brand ambassadors.

You attract a motivated team who personally believe in what you're doing as you all aim for the same long-term, fulfilling goal.

Your marketing is effective as you properly understand and connect with people who believe in the difference you're trying to make.

You have a growing tribe of loyal customers who recognise the change you're making and spread the word for you.

You set and achieve meaningful goals that are based on an unwavering ambition and a hunger to achieve.

You're a brand that people trust and believe in because your cause goes way beyond making profits.

Your team is aligned as everyone moves in the same direction towards a clear, shared goal.

You have a clear sense of direction, meaning you focus all energy on how to fulfil your purpose with no wasted effort.

You have confidence in decisions as you can ask a simple question: “Will this help to fulfil our purpose or not?”

You can hone your offering with your purpose in mind so that everything you do helps to fulfil it.

It was a revelatory process to work with Club Studio. I thought that I just had a product idea that I thought was kinda neat, but it morphed into a vision for a brand that I genuinely care about.

Keith Mander, Yuca

It's challenging to uncover your purpose and distil it down into a statement that you're 100% behind, you will find fulfilment in achieving and will ultimately make the world a better place.

Club can guide you through a proven process to explore and uncover your company's reason for being. By the end of the Purpose Discovery process, you'll have clarity on your brand's purpose and can focus on fulfilling it.

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