Website Maintenance: What is it? Why do I need it?

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A website project never truly ends - we can design, build and launch your site but it doesn’t stop there. Once it’s live, the nature of the internet is fast paced and constantly evolving meaning your website has to be too.

Why do I need it?

Think of it like a car; a car is an investment that soon becomes an essential part of your life - just like your website or web app becomes vital to the running of your business.

You wouldn’t buy a car and expect it to work perfectly forever. Your website is similar.

It’s built of parts that all depend on each other to work to be healthy. These parts need to be actively monitored to make sure problems are diagnosed and fixed quickly - avoiding bigger, less manageable problems down the link, or worse, a breakdown.

The internet is ever-evolving; updates and changes are made regularly - a poorly maintained website quickly gets left behind. To your customers, this can mean anything from slow loading times to broken links on pages.

All technical risks aside, not maintaining your website can be more damaging than you think; if the user experience is frustrating and disappointing, that impression carries through to their opinion of your company and harms your reputation.

What’s the alternative?

To go back to the car analogy - sure, you could never look at the engine and just hope for the best, but even modern cars will eventually run into problems or need some form of attention. By that point the repair costs are 5 times as much because the damage is more severe.

Aftercare avoids this. We make sure your website code is ‘well oiled’, secure, and properly maintained so it can go the distance. Prevention is much better than cure.

Whose fault is it if it breaks?

Good question! Well, no one's really.

I guess it’s less to do with ‘fault’ and more to do with where duties lie.

It’s our duty as web developers to provide you with a working, bug free and professional website.

If you choose one of our hosting packages, it’s also then our duty to ensure your server is running the most up to date software, is secure and backups are being saved.

Once we’ve launched your website, it’s your responsibility as it’s owner to ensure your website gets regular attention and is properly maintained. That’s where we can help.

Technology is fast moving and web standards change daily. It would be impossible to build something that works flawlessly forever. Our Website Maintenance Packages provide the tools and time that are essential to a healthy site, making sure your website continues to perform as well as the day it launched.

Please let us know if you need any other information or if you’d like to talk to us about choosing one of the packages we offer.

You can also read more on why we find website maintenance so hard to sell here, in our open letter to clients.

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