Always Asking Why

Hannah's Photo by Hannah Rowbotham

Perhaps, because it’s a creative industry and everyone has at some point done some kind of art, people think it’s easy. “Oh, you just put that there and that there and hey-presto!” The truth is that the whole design process rests on hours and hours of discovery and planning. Most would find this part boring and want to get straight to the design stage, but we don’t feel comfortable doing that until we’ve fully understood what it is we need to do and why we need to do it. We’re always asking, “Why?”

We find ourselves being brand strategists, consultants and advisers. And we like that. Sometimes this process unearths things about the company or brand that had been lost along the way. Sometimes it leads to a complete change of direction. And, it’s rare but, sometimes it becomes obvious that the company doesn’t actually need our help at all.

Making sure that our client’s money is invested wisely and well is important to us. We’ll always be honest and if we think there’s a better solution, even if we don’t offer it, we will say so. Unless we’re confident that what we deliver will make a positive difference, we don’t see the point in creating it. For some people this might seem odd; surely if there’s someone there offering you money to do something you know you can do, you’d do it - but we’re not that type.

We continue to be really fortunate and work with clients who appreciate this approach. It might not be the 2 week turnaround you were hoping for, but at least what you end up with is right - and that’s surely what’s most important.

Let us know how we can help and we’ll make sure how we help is exactly right.

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