Use your time wisely with a bespoke CRM

Time is all we really have - so use it well. Read how a bespoke CRM or Web App helps to streamline and automate your workflow.

Hannah Lewis
by Hannah Lewis, Brand Strategist

Time is all we really have.

Sounds pretty deep, huh? I guess it is really.

You work hard to grow the company and its profits but is it really rewarding if you have no time to enjoy the money you make or the success you achieve?

Making the company more efficient, and the processes within it more streamlined will not only afford you more time to focus on what’s important, but will increase effectiveness, consistency, customer service, and profits at the same time.

It’s a win-win

Let us help.

Firstly we look at how you operate:

What processes do you have in place for tracking and managing all of the parts that form the whole of your organisation? How effective are they?

How much of your time do you spend on tasks that could be automated?

Who does what and how? And can you measure the effectiveness of each part against another?

Do you know who is doing what, when, and how profitable or effective that transaction is?

Why do you do things in that way? Is it how you would choose to do them or are you bound by habit, tradition or technical restrictions?

Learning about you and the day to day tasks and challenges you face is vital. This means we’re able to create a hub that is truly useful, makes your business more profitable and efficient, and most importantly of all; saves you time.

Just as vital is discovering how you want to grow. This ensures we design and build a hub that helps get you there and is flexible enough to grow with you in the process.

Systems like these are commonly known as CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems).

We don’t think that name fits.

Not just because it sounds really boring, but mainly because these systems shouldn’t be centred around the customer.

Sure, your business might be, but the system isn’t in place to just manage customers - it should be made and used to improve communication and increase efficiency. Great customer service follows naturally.

In fact, we can't find a name that fits because each system we design and build is so tailored to each company that labelling it becomes impossible. The system becomes the heart, the core, the engine room, the toolbox of the business. It's too large and too bespoke to name.

For now, let's call it your online business 'hub'.

The biggest giveaway that you are in need of a hub is if you depend on a spreadsheet or notebook to run your business.

It’s probably a setup that worked perfectly at the beginning but now is something only you can make sense of and is growing past the point of being useful or understandable.

Perhaps you started with a spreadsheet and have since tried several services to track different parts of your company. Some of those services might even link together somehow, but having information in different places under many logins is inefficient and often an inconvenience - so let’s build something that does everything you need all in one place - let’s create your online business management hub.

We’ve helped many businesses better manage all parts of their company with a custom-designed and powerfully built business ‘hub’.

Within the hub they track and manage their stock, staff, inventory, set up and send out invoices, take payments, organise deliveries, track orders, analyse profits, growth name it, we’ve built it.

The hub quickly becomes the heart of the business; an integral, invaluable business asset you wonder how you lived without.

It’s where you go to get an overview of everything, and can manage each part from one online area that is completely tailored and private to you and your company.

We guarantee it will save you time.

Get in touch about creating your very own business hub.

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