The importance of good website copy

Starting with content is the best way to create an engaging website - but how do you write it?

Jess Davies
by Jess Davies, Content

A great website can be key to a successful business and can help transform potential clients into paying customers.

While the look and feel of your website are absolutely critical, it’s the words that you use and the messages you present that can truly convince.

When embarking on a new website, planning and crafting engaging copy is just as important as choosing colours and layout designs. Understanding what your message is and how you want to say it will determine how your website functions and looks.

Say what?

Starting with content is often the best method for creating a new website. For us to present your key messages in the appropriate ways you need to understand the sort of information you want to include on your website.

Imagine if we designed an image-focused website with minimal text and then discovered you needed twice as much space to talk about what your company does? Realising you need to add or remove content during the design and development process can add unnecessary time to creating your final site.

Think about the types of information you need to include on your website and the best way to deliver them. Could your key messages be better displayed in highlight boxes or dot points? Perhaps an infographic will explain what you do in a more engaging way than a long chunk of text. We won’t be able to create the best design until you know exactly what your message is and how you want to say it.

Getting started

Before we start designing a site, we need to plan your message. What content do you want to include and how much do you need to say? Depending on your business and the role of your website, the type of content will vary greatly. Do you need:

  • Product descriptions
  • An introduction to your business
  • Case studies or examples of your previous work
  • Long articles
  • Short blog posts
  • Detailed terms and conditions or technical details?

You don’t need to finalise your content word-for-word before starting your website design (in fact, some of your content may change as we go through the design process) but having a good idea of what you want to say will help ensure your final website is as successful as possible.

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