A Brief History of Club

A brief introduction to Club and how we came to be. We're big believers in building a company and community with purpose.

Hannah Lewis
by Hannah Lewis, Brand Strategist

At a conference on Monday we got talking to some experienced business folks about the different approaches in start-ups; there’s companies that explode on to the market with big budget ad campaigns, big teams and even bigger offices… then there’s the slow but steady plod that builds momentum over time.

Club is definitely the latter.

It is the coming together of freelancers. After years of knowing each other, the idea of forming a team came about a few years ago and we've evolved into the company we are today.

As we're sure fellow start-up companies and studio founders can understand it hasn't been a smooth ride - the biggest bumps being met with a sharp learning curve. Having said this, it's all been great!

Freelancing can quickly become a lonely venture and to be able to find like-minded people who crave collaboration has been a blessing.

We're big believers in being a company of community; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bouncing ideas between more than one mind always produces more exciting results and we've been lucky to find a mix of talent that does just that.

Club Studio definitely didn’t start with an explosion from a box of tricks. It was more of a tumble out of a tote bag.

We haven’t had big pots of money behind us to be able to plan an all-singing, all-dancing entry on to the creative scene.

Instead, we rely on our skills and friendly nature (whether that’s naive or not) and have built our client list steadily, reinvesting any profits and working hard to turn the tumble into a proper forward roll.

Now we're rolling, let us know how we can help.

Purpose First.

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