A new website that leads with purpose

Introducing the new Club Studio website—putting our Purpose-First® approach front and centre.

Scott Wakefield
by Scott Wakefield, Co-Founder

Landing on our website in 2014, you'd learn that we were "A Creative Studio Based in Manchester — believers in simple, purposeful design". We offered Web Development, E-commerce, CMS, Branding, Website Design, Graphic Design, Direct Marketing, Social Media and SEO (phew!).

By 2016 we'd narrowed our focus (thankfully) to "Web Design & Development, complete with superb aftercare" and updated our website to reflect that. This particular iteration served us well for 5 years, but we were ready for a new website that would help to tell the next chapter of our story.

Always asking "why" and being been driven to uncover the true reason our clients felt they needed a new website or bespoke software solution has taken us from being merely pixel pushers to working alongside our clients as their strategic partners.

It became clear that our previous website didn't represent us or the services we provide anymore. Before we tried to rebuild it, it was time to ask ourselves "Why". Why isn't our current website accurate anymore? Why do we do what we do now? Why does our work matter?

After a period of reflection, we refined our purpose and clarified why we exist beyond making money:

We exist to help connect people with purpose. We believe healthy teams and inspired audiences, that are connected by a shared purpose, make greater impact.

New Club Studio Website 2021

Our new website represents that by putting our Purpose-First® approach front and centre and introduces two new services:

  • Purpose Discovery Uncover and define your brand’s reason for being and get the clarity you need to build a brand with purpose.
  • Brand Foundations – Build a solid foundation so your brand's message is consistent, can be heard and resonates with your audience.

We would love for you to take a look around and let us know what you think. Our hope is that it encourages you to consider your business' purpose.

Purpose First.

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