Craft CMS Manchester: #8

Craft CMS News from Dot All Conference + Craft Commerce

Scott Wakefield
Scott Wakefield Club Studio
Jason Mayo
Jason Mayo Shape

We've planned this one for after Dot All Conference so we can chat about what happened and share what we learned from it.

Craft News

Working with Craft Commerce - Jason Mayo

Beers + Pizza

Snippets - feel free to share what you've been working on.

Whether you're using Craft CMS already or thinking about getting into it, come along.

1st Floor, 24/26 Lever St, Manchester, M1 1DZ
Thursday 2nd November 2017

Working with Craft Commerce

Jason Mayo gave a really interesting and honest walk-through of how Jason and his team use Craft Commerce. Not only did it showcase the flexibility of Craft Commerce but it also posed lots of questions about how it could be improved for developers, and explained how the team at Shape cleverly navigate around the current limitations.

View the slide deck here:

News from Dotall

This meetup was perfectly timed. With a couple of us having recently got back from Portland's Dotall Conference; the official Craft CMS event, we were all really excited to hear what went on.

Here's Brandon Kelly's full presentation from Dotall of what was announced:

And links to all the talks:


All along we've wanted these meetups to be really free flowing - not the typical "sit and listen" but for people to have an input, to ask questions, to heckle. This meetup felt really collaborative.

Everyone got stuck in.

We solved problems, talked through successes, through annoyances, shared tips, and had a really productive time.

We're more excited than ever about Craft CMS and where it's going. Thanks so much for coming.

See you next time.

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