Craft CMS Manchester: #4

Craft CMS Plugins & Deployments

Jason Mayo
Jason Mayo Developer
Joel Bradbury
Joel Bradbury Developer
Stephen Voisey
Stephen Voisey Developer

Along with beers and pizza, the line-up:

A designers guide to plugins with Jason Mayo
Converting a plugin from Craft 2.x to Craft 3 with Joel Bradbury
ServerPilot Deployments with Stephen Voisey
Rise, Manchester
231-233 Deansgate, M34EN, Manchester
Thursday 3rd November 2016

Plugin planning, building, converting, deploying.

Event number 4 was a belter. It had everything from Simpsons references to an outer space music video interlude.

We even had pizza with rocket on it.

For Craft CMS Manchester #4 we focussed on Plugins; the planning, designing and building of them, converting them, the pros and cons of selling them, and how the growing numbers of them affect the future of Craft.

We also got to know ServerPilot and the benefits of using it to deploy Craft sites.

The Benefits of Craft CMS

As part of the welcome we mentioned a resource we can all add to and use when describing and selling Craft.

This collaborative document aims to detail the benefits of Craft CMS for developers, designers and content managers. The goal is to build a sharable document that we can all use to help sell Craft CMS to our clients.

Add to it as much as you like, and don't forget to add your name to the contributors list when you're done.

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