Craft CMS Manchester: #3

Craft Up & Running

Scott Wakefield
Scott Wakefield Club Studio

Find us in the Auditorium at Rise, Deansgate.

We'll be doing some mini presentations, sharing what we've been working on and chatting about what's new in Craft CMS.

Rise, Manchester
231-233 Deansgate, M34EN, Manchester
Thursday 4th August 2016

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

For Craft Manchester #3 we wanted to structure the evening a little more. Off the back of the great feedback from the previous meetings, we decided to have one long talk, a break and some food, followed by some short talks from anyone up for sharing what they've been working on - we call these 'snippets'.

This site launched just in time for the meetup. We've shared the source code on GitHub for anyone curious about how we structure our Craft CMS builds.

We also had Stephen (@StephenVoisey) come along, who recorded parts of the evening for a new Digital North podcast; the first episode of which will be centered around Content Management Systems.

Craft Up & Running

Scott (@scottpwakefield) introduced some approaches to getting started on new web projects and how Club built tools to help developers hit the ground running when developing websites with Craft CMS.

We got an overview of a couple of tools:


A tool to help you to kick start the development of your new website or web application and includes pre-configured Gulp tasks, linter configurations, a sensible directory structure and default meta files.

Kickoff Installer

A command line tool for installing Craft CMS and including all the goodies within the Kickoff project.

Art Directed Responsive Images with Craft

Michael (@mijewe) shared multiple approaches to handling responsive images through the use of partials and macros.

Michael's solution allows you to keep all of your transform configurations within version control and exposed us to some creative transform names...

Bears, foxes and wolves!

Multi-environment Configuration & Dashboard Widgets

Andrew (@aarmitage) from A Digital gave us an overview of their multi-environment configuration for Craft.

Their setup included configuration for shared asset libraries that you could access from your different development environments, meaning you can use the same bank of assets on both dev, staging and production. Great idea!

Andrew also introduced us to their custom widget that allows clients to create a ZenDesk support ticket directly from their Craft CMS dashboard. Matt, from their team, used an online tool called Plugin Factory to help them get started.

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