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How colour and one simple shape transformed a brand and website.

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Liz, the Therapist behind Fresh Thinking Therapy, wanted to create a brand and business that broke out of the stock photography, predictable mould. She wanted her clients to feel uplifted and her website to echo her approachable, professional nature without the usual cliches. 

Working with Liz, we explored different concepts before settling on the strongest. There are so many reasons for needing what Liz offers and so many ways that she can help - the idea of having one simple shape and using it in various ways represents how personal the process is for her clients. 

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Introducing a lively brand colour palette, we designed several combinations representing the various things CBT can treat. Using the shapes we also created an uplifting brand pattern. 

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We created several logo lockups featuring the main brand symbol; three overlapping petals. 

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The brand stationery continues the fresh and colourful theme. The designs extend the concept to printed pieces, which are all produced on high quality, uncoated stock.

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We designed the responsive website to be informative; with a focus on getting in touch and taking bookings. At the heart of the website is a blog, which Liz regularly updates using the Content Management System (CMS). It's a great way for Liz to reach a wider audience and communicate to potential clients, but also helps with SEO as the site acts as a resource for people looking for certain services. 

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We included a call to action beneath each information section - either to read more or to book a session - so there was always more to discover. 

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Designing and building the website to be responsive meant it would adapt to the screen size it's viewed on. This made sure the brand and user experience was tailored and consistent across all devices. 

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Club take the time to listen to my needs and ideas for my business. They put together a really professional website and taught me how to make changes to it. The team are always helpful and available to support me.

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