Trusting Our Process

Scott's Photo by Scott Wakefield

At Club we’re big believers in developing and adhering to a process. We’ve invested a lot of time in our branding and web development processes to ensure that each project will run smoothly and has a clear set of goals; allowing us to concentrate on creating!

Providing structure to all of our projects not only gives our clients confidence in the work we deliver, but gives the team confidence that what we deliver is fully considered and all working towards a clearly defined goal.

We discuss our process with new clients as early as possible and we’re yet to experience a negative response. For some it is a completely different way of working, but the benefits become clear as the project unfolds.

Locking ourselves away for weeks and going for the ‘big reveal’ approach is never going to provide results that exceed client expectations and is unlikely to get to the root of a business’ true goals.

Our process breaks a project into logical chunks, establishes sensible milestones and encourages increased communication between our team and the client throughout the duration of the project. For both branding and web projects there is a roadmap of where we have been, where we are going and most importantly what we have all learned along the way.

We are currently redeveloping the Club website and saw this as an opportunity to ‘eat our own dogfood’ and take ourselves through our own web development process. We’d like to share that journey with you through a series of blog posts, all leading up to the launch of our new site.

We kick off with Part 1: Discovery and Planning next week. Followed by:

  • Part 2: Design
  • Part 3: Build
  • Part 4: Optimize
  • Part 5: Deploy

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned!

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