On the move

Hannah's Photo by Hannah Rowbotham

We feel ready, like a teenager packing for uni, for the next step.

We love our co-working studio, we really do, but we think it’s time to move on. We have loved getting to know all of the characters and businesses within the incredibly creative space and it’s been the ideal environment to grow Club during our first year.

We can’t recommend co-working spaces enough. We’ve seen a few in Manchester, the UK and beyond. They get you instantly mingling with other start-ups, encourage collaboration and are (usually) affordable. The space we found has been perfect for us and the people within it have made the first year journey all the more enjoyable.

The pros have been amazing:

  • Mixing with other creatives
  • Working next to other businesses
  • Really great banter
  • Plenty of collaboration opportunities
  • Advice on tap from the people around us
  • A really cool space to come to every day in the Northern Quarter
  • Port Street Beer House being a few streets away
  • The coffee machine

But there’s also a couple of cons:

  • We can’t leave our things there overnight
  • There’s limited opening hours
  • The chairs are kind of uncomfy
  • The wifi isn’t always reliable

We’re totally open to suggestions. We’d love to share a space, to rent a room, to mingle in whatever space there may be. We would rather pay our rent to a fellow local business than a huge office letting agency. We’re all for collaboration and we promise to bring banter and biscuits.

Also, we would love to team up with other small businesses looking to share. So if you’re thinking of moving get in touch too!

Eventually, it would be great to have enough room to start our own co-working environment. To have the space to hold events or talks and to offer placements/desks/advice to other creatives is a dream of ours. If we can fast-forward roll into that, then even better but we’re also prepared to take things a step at a time.

Let us know if you, or anyone you know, has space or suggestions.


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