George's work experience week at Club

We’re always happy to open up our office to students looking to learn more about our industry and to see if a career in the web is something they’d like to pursue.

George from Loreto Sixth Form College joined us for a week to experience what it’s like working in a studio like ours and to try his hand at some design-related tasks.

In our experience, you learn by doing and so we were keen to give George as much creative license as possible and to set him a variety of tasks that would present unique challenges.

During the week, George explored:

  • How to create a prototype in Figma
  • How to use an existing pattern library to construct a new page design
  • How to take a brief from one of our clients to design a product page
  • How to take an existing website design and explore which elements could be improved
  • How to follow a typical branding process to design a new logo for one of our clients

Here's George's rundown of the week:

Day One

On the first day of the work experience, I was introduced to the team at Club and given a quick tour around the office building. After the tour, I returned back to office space and got set up with the iMac I'd be using for the week and was given my first task. 

In the first task I was shown an example of a homepage for a fitness-wear website with a blank frame next to it in Figma. I had to take inspiration from the homepage to create a product page using the components I was given. The purpose of the task was to think about the order of content on a product page and how to make the product page make logical sense.

I enjoyed this first task because it wasn’t too demanding and it was a good way to learn some basic tools of figma and get to grips with navigating the different sections of figma. I also think the feedback was very helpful. Because of it I understood my where my design needed improvement and learned what not to do when structuring a product page.

Fitma Components
The first task was to use an existing component library to create a new product page

After completing that task I started task two, this was an introduction to the prototyping features in Figma, which allows for the creation of interactive frame previews. I had to follow a video tutorial on making a functional prototype in Figma. The tutorial was useful and it made using prototyping easily understandable. Before day one, I had next to no experience using Figma but by the end of task 2 I had already gotten the hang of most basic tools and so I made a start on task 3.

Fitma Prototype
The second task involved taking an existing set of design files and turning them into a mobile prototype

Task 3 was my second favourite task. In this task I was given a brief from a real client and asked to create a product page for one of their products. The brief contained more information on the product and information that I had to incorporate into the design of the product page. I enjoyed this task because I liked experimenting with my idea of what the actual product page should look like. In the end I came up with one initial design and given comments in Figma on areas of improvement or potential change.

Sumo Concept

Day Two 

Since I had already started task 3, I just continued where I left off. With the feedback on my first design, I made the first set of adjustments to my design. I learned a lot here about making the website more appealing to the customer by improving visibility and overall readability of the page items and text. After completing this I did one final iteration of my design with the help from Ollie. 

I really like the way the final page turned out. While making this page I was given useful articles and videos to read and watch to do with UX design and this, combined with help from Ollie and my own trial and error, was where I felt I learned a lot about web design. 

In task 4, I had to use everything I learned so far to redesign the Loreto College home page. This task was the most challenging because I had to assess the current state of the page and extract the points of the website that really worked and make changes to the parts of the homepage that felt weaker.

Day Three

Just like day two, I continued from where I left off from the previous day, in this case it was finishing my re-design of the Loreto website. I like the way the final product of the redesign turned out because i kept some of the content and colour as the original by had a different design direction.

Task 5 was the last task and it was my favourite. In this task I was given another design brief, this time it was for a clients logo. They already had a logo but were in need of a better one. The brief also had some additional notes about things to consider when designing the logo.

Bali Logo
Task five was to follow a typical branding process to design a new logo


It was a pleasure to have George with us in the office for work experience. We wanted the week to be varied, challenging, but above all rewarding. By working on a variety of tasks from prototyping to logo design, it gave George an opportunity to see which aspects of design he found most enjoyable and what he might like to pursue further in the future.

You're welcome back anytime George!

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