Q&A with Pixel & Tonic. Ep 5: Craft Commerce 2

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Instalment number 4 of our Q&A with Pixel & Tonic focusses on Craft & everyone's favourite subject - GDPR. We discuss the impact GDPR has on Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, and developers who use it.

We asked:

If we were starting a Craft Commerce project, should we be using Commerce 1 or Commerce 2?

Brandon: 2! It’s beta but we’re already at the point where we’re starting to think about the date we take it out - it’s pretty stable. Bugs are starting to trickle so that’s a pretty good sign that we’re almost ready to take that beta flag off. I think the main thing is timing. We want to time it with other things as well.

We have Commerce Lite to consider as well and we’ve already announced that.

Ideally, that’s part of the launch, which means that Craft needs to have additions support for plugins and there’s other things that are factoring in there. Maybe we’ll do something similar to what we did with Craft itself and give it a release candidate label just to give a public signal that we think it’s pretty much ready to go.

At this point it’s pretty solid and we’re really quick to fix bugs, so it’s shaping up pretty good.

— Brandon

It’s pretty much feature complete at this point. There’s 1 or 2 little things we want to get in before we officially call it GA but in terms of what we were hoping Commerce 2 to be, it’s almost there now.

When would be a good time to start thinking about upgrading a Commerce 1 site to 2?

Brandon: I think the bigger consideration there is when do you think you’re going to be ready to migrate to Craft 3? Because that’s the bigger job there. Commerce 2 is a lot more similar to Commerce 1 than Craft 3 is to Craft 2. So as far as actually upgrading a site to Commerce 2, it’s pretty simple compared to Craft itself. There’s a few nice new features and if you have an existing Commerce site you’re obviously doing ok without those; you don’t need subscriptions if you’ve already got Commerce 1 installed.

At this point, the argument for upgrading just for the sake of Commerce 2 is probably a little weak. Maybe let it get a bit better in terms of plugins that are available for Commerce 2.

One of the things that we’re pretty excited about that should be in before it gets to stable is the ability to do order creation within the control panel and order editing within the control panel.

— Brandon

That’s going to be another on of those pillar features for Commerce 2. And then working on shipping integration plugins and things like that will also be a pretty big deal.

I would say that if you were actually writing code for Commerce 1 and Craft 2, the less of that you do the better because the more custom code you’re writing, the harder it’s going to be to upgrade to Craft 3 later on. If you’re already at the point where you’re needing to extend it in some way and continue to extend it, that would be a good argument because every time you do that you’re increasing your debt and increasing the upgrade cost. The quicker you get to Craft 3 and Commerce 2 the better and the cheaper it’s going to be in the long run.

Like you mentioned, will Commerce 2 see the inclusion of an admin checkout function where a cart/order can be created, populated and completed from start to finish within the CP?

Brandon: Yeah! We’re working on it.

Leslie: It’s one of those things that we need for ourselves too.

Brandon: We’ve been trying to tackle our own pain points with Commerce too. That and partial refunds and some other things, so yeah, it’s definitely on the list. It’s actually something that we’ve wanted to do for a while but was pretty much technically impossible with Craft 2 and with Craft 3, the way that things are re-architected, it’s more doable now.

In summary...

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