And so to Altrincham

Hannah's Photo by Hannah Rowbotham

It’s been 8 months (8?! Where does time go?) since we moved to a new studio, so we thought it was about time we wrote about it. Well, what we can remember of it anyway.

Club Studio was born in Northwich, spent its early years in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and is now an official Altrincham resident. Finding a space in the centre of this charming market town made us feel pretty lucky. We snapped it up and moved in straight away.

The decision to move was prompted by a couple of things. It became apparent that it didn’t really matter if we weren’t based right in the centre of Manchester. If anything, it was more of a faff for clients to come and see us; they had to navigate the Northern Quarter’s one-way streets, find and pay for parking, and then follow google maps to our door. Being in the city was great for events, meeting fellow agencies and other creatives, and being surrounded by every imaginable option for lunch, but it wasn’t working for the people who mattered to Club most.

We love Manchester, and always will, but we struggled to find a studio space that was affordable (but not in a basement) and airy (without being drafty due to holes in the walls). There’s lots of great options in the city centre but none that we viewed had everything we were looking for - not even those that were well over budget. Starting to look further afield, Altrincham stood out.

Altrincham has had it’s ups and downs. As with any town, the recession hit it fairly badly, but the sense of community and the upbeat nature of everyone here has brought it back to life. It’s a short tram ride away from the city centre and has a brilliant independent business culture. We feel like we’re part of the forward momentum and we like it a lot.

Our studio is a gem. Yeah, sure, it had a snot-coloured wall and a couple of old desks in it when we got here, but it felt great to have a proper base. As and when we’ve had time we’ve redecorated and filled it with our things. Now we can finally show you the results and welcome people in without falling over power tools or flat-pack-furniture packaging.

Having the new studio has definitely made us more productive. Being able to decorate and organise a space that perfectly fits our needs has been one of the key turning points for us. Even though the process of finding, viewing, moving and getting set up has been lengthy, it’s been well worth it.

This is the “before” shot. Pop in and see the “after”...

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